Having a Great Vacation in the Rockies

We are up in Aspen for the summer, we found some really good rates on a Beaver Creek rentals cabin near Aspen. It is an off season rate up here, where obviously the season starts when the snow starts to pile up or after the ski resorts are able to make the stuff pile up. We are up here to do some trail riding and hiking and a little fishing. I am not a very good fly fishing angler, but Jill has been teaching me how to do it. She has a bunch of friends who live up here in the mountains and one of them is going to let us camp out on his ranch. Of course we are going to do that when we are done staying in this cabin. For now we are going to be doing short hiking trips in this immediate area, where there are a lot of nice trails.

The horse riding trip is a bit of a concern to me. I have not been on a horse for about six or seven years and I definitely never spent much time away from riding rinks. I know how to take care of a horse, but that does not mean that I have ever done it out in the middle of nowhere. That is really exciting though. It is literally almost like playing cowboy for real. The rancher says that the horses are real sweethearts and Jill is a great rider. She spent years up here when she was growing up and she used to compete in rodeos and those other horse riding events. She has a big book shelf filled with ribbons and trophies. She was talking about going hunting too, but that seems like a little much for me. I would have no clue what to do after I killed something.