A Trip for the Eight of Us

Going on vacation with my three best friends and their husbands started out as a joke when we were having a girls’ day out a couple years ago. None of us had been to St Barts, but a couple of our mutual friends had been. Their description of it made all of us want to see it in person rather through their pictures. All of us are married, and our husbands get along really well together too. We said that we should just book a four room villa on the beach and enjoy life.

Well, once those words were uttered, it was hard to get the idea out of our heads. This was something that we all wanted to do, and our husbands even got excited by it. We all work very hard, and we decided to just go for it. Life is short, and the years were starting to go by faster and faster. We wanted to enjoy time together before we started having kids and something like this would be near impossible to plan. I looked online at a website for Cuvee, which is a company that has rental villas and homes in several places throughout the world.

There is one in St Barts called The View, and it was perfect for us. There are four bedroom suites, and there are also four baths, so each couple would have their own private bath. The view from the balconies are the most scenic I have ever seen. There was so much to do there, but we also enjoyed a lot of time at the house too. The living room, kitchen and pool areas are so big, and we just had plenty of room to all be there comfortably together. That was our first and only trip together so far, but I am really hoping that it is not the last!